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Coupon Community Part I

This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase through the links at no additional cost to you.

There’s something about a coupon community that just gets me every day. The friendliness, the convenience, and the great deals that are constantly being posted about. I’ve had the opportunity to find these local and non-local couponers who have made my shopping trips 100x easier and have also kept me updated on deals going on online and in-store (especially when it comes to scoring the best savings using inserts!). 
I constantly enjoy seeing all of their trips to the store, their stockpiles, their friendly friends and customers, and most importantly all their savings! Who doesn’t love to save….but really who doesn’t love F-R-E-E??
I’ve decided to share some of my favorite websites with all of you that seriously help me save LOADS of cash–cash that I can put towards things like mini-VACATIONS! 
Can I get a drum roll please???

Free Stuff Finder– This website seriously has the best deals around from in-store to online. She does multiple scenarios for shoppers at Target as well as Wal-mart and she constantly posts all day long about deals online! From freebies, to samples, to getting the best deal around I follow Free Stuff Finder on Instagram as well as I am constantly staying updated with her website. 
*Fun Fact*: read her ABOUT US and fall in love with freebies, deals, couponing, and her all in one page! Such a great start up story!

All Things TargetI don’t know about you, but you will VERY RARELY ever catch me walking around in Walmart (or “HellMart” as most refer to it). Target is seriously the best place for everything. The prices are affordable and this is where most of the moneymaking savings comes from. This site is based all about Target and the savings that can happen there. 

Wild For Wags If there is one drug store I am constantly browsing, it is WALGREENS! Most of the time, they are unexpected trips there, however when I want an adventure, I am sure to browse this website for the latest deals! For all you avid Walgreens Couponers, this is DEFINITELY a site for you!
Coupons Sometimes it might be inconvenient or challenging to get your hands on a Sunday Paper or some inserts for free. A lot of people sell inserts, but somehow the old fashioned (me asking people, digging through recycling, and trying to get my hands on inserts any way possible) seems to be better for me. I don’t want to have to pay for inserts if I don’t HAVE to. So this website is seriously awesome. They don’t have all the manufacturing coupons that come in inserts, but they have pretty similar deals that you can get your hands on from your own personal computer–and it’s FREE! You get two prints per coupon, per computer. So round up those coupons and print away!
What are your favorite websites to follow?
Stay tuned for Coupon Community Part II for links to other great websites, apps, and people who enjoy to coupon.