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Coupon Community Part II

This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase through the links at no additional cost to you.

The idea of couponing comes and goes. For many it is a lifestyle, but for others who are balancing family, work, friends, school, and life it is a hobby that allows you to save money EASILY. I am constantly running around with my head spinning because I go from one event to another in a matter of minutes. When it comes to saving money, deals/sales, and coupons I have to be sure I know where I want to go with it, or if it is worth it. 
If you haven’t read the first part to this section, you can check it out here (Coupon Community Part I).   You can find some of my favorite websites that I use to find deals, freebies, samples, and the best way to utilize coupons. 
Today, I want to let you all in on some Apps that I use in my everyday life on the go. All are available on an iPhone, however, other software (Droid, Windows, etc.) I am not sure about. 
Groupon- You can access Groupon via Web, however, I love this pocket version of the site. All in one access in one the touch of a button. If you have not heard of Groupon, you need to check it out NOW. Groupon delivers some of the best deals around your local area up to 70% off from Restaurants to Massages to Hair Cuts. You can even search deals around the globe (I have used in several times while on a vacation to score some great vacation savings!). Some of my favorite things about Groupon include not only being able to shop around for local deals, but they also have deals on products and getaways! It is FREE and so easy to sign up! 

RetailMeNot- This app has seriously changed my life! The worst thing to do is to walk into your favorite clothing store (MACY’S–I’m coming for you) only to realize you just left that $10 off coupon at home (no exaggeration it has happened to me several times). Or that unexpected adventure to the mall just to find yourself falling in love with items you want and OBVIOUSLY NEED. RetailMeNot definitely has my back. It searches and pulls up coupons nearby and loads them onto your phone…ALL FOR FREE. Just search nearby or search a specific store (it has the option of online AND in-store deals) and all available deals pop up. You never know when you just might run into a coupon that you did not know existed but could save you lots of money!

LivingSocial- Very similar to Groupon, which you can also access on the web as well, LivingSocial will give you local deals around town that will save you tons of money (up to 80% savings). Nearby restaurants, products, classes, etc. will pop up and you will be sure to find lots of savings. The difference between LivingSocial and Groupon is the fact that LivingSocial sometimes has a longer processing time before you can use your voucher, but if it is saving you money, it is so worth the wait! I also love the fact that on their site, they have a section dedicated to Free Coupon Access for various stores (clothing, pets, cars, toys, etc.).

Cartwheel By Target- Seriously one of my FAVORITE apps. Cartwheel By Target is FREE and saves you more money instantly. Cartwheel allows you to save even more on top of stacking coupons with a single barcode. With new discounts everyday ranging from 5% to 50% off, Cartwheel allows you to search, browse, and even scan items from Target stores to see if they are linked up to the Cartwheel App. The discounts have a set amount of days in which you can use them but they always come in hand when it comes to stacking savings on top of savings! If you have an iPhone you can add your Cartwheel Barcode into your Passbook for easy access.

Coupons.com- As mentioned before in my previous post which you can find here, Coupons.com is a great website to find Manufacturing Coupons to print out if you don’t have (or even if you do) have access to the inserts in the Sunday Papers. The Coupons.com app, however, not only brings you these manufacturing coupons which you can clip and either print from your phone or email to someone, but the app also allows you to view local in-store deals from retailers, online coupon codes, and you can even link up your debit/credit card to earn cash back from purchases. I love the fact that this site has an app because it makes it convenient to view and clip coupons that I want and to email them to myself for quick printing when I have a chance to get to a computer. 

The Coupons App- This app is great for finding the cheapest gas nearby including the prices for Regular, Premium, Diesel, and Mid-Grade fuel (and also includes directions on how to get there!). In addition to the gas prices, which is constantly up to date, The Coupons App also shows in-store and online offers and codes that you can use and when they expire! Sometimes you have to check multiple apps to get the best deal and eventually you will find one! This app is great because it finds deals that I can’t find in other places and it is always up to date! Plus the gas locater is AWESOME–especially when Gas prices (at least for me) have gone up almost $0.30 in the last month!
I am sure there are plenty of Apps out there that I have missed, are there any out there that I shouldn’t live without? Let me know. 
Hopefully, this list makes scoring some deals and savings a little easier for the busy life we venture on each and every day. 
Stay tuned for more!

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