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Friday Faves // A Weekly Series

Change With Us Blog Friday Faves Shopbop Greece Slides

This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase through the links at no additional cost to you.

Friday Faves is a weekly series dedicated to my favorite finds of the week – from clothing to food to quotes – I’ve got it all! Originally, this series was just for Instagram, but with suggestions to include links, I’ll be sharing a Friday Faves blog post each week. Come chat with me about your current faves babe!

  1. ICYMI: I guest interviewed over on The Reno Social Podcast and let me tell you, if you haven’t listened to it, you need to! To find the podcast, check in the Podcast Store (is that what it’s called? IDK ??‍♀️). Just find A Chat with Mrs. Leanna Carson, the latest episode and give it a listen. Plus, tell me what you think!
    The Reno Social Podcast - Friday Faves - Change with us blog
    Photo via The Reno Social Podcast
  2. Okay, I told you all about how I was loving these Hermes Dupes in my Transition Pieces for Your Closet and this post here. I seriously wear them daily! So I decided to splurge during the Shopbop Sale and snagged these other Hermes Dupes in white. They are sold out in white, but you can snag them in black and rose gold. The rose gold is pretty is gorgeous! Use code // EVENT18 for 20-25% off! Sale ends tomorrow.
    Change With Us Blog Friday Faves Shopbop Greece Slides
  3. Meeting new people is something I thrive off of. Last night I attended Ladies Night (A local pop-up) for a mobile boutique, Biggest Little Fashion Truck. One of the vendors last night was Tuff Peach Co. and Dallas, the owner, was a sweetheart. I love hearing about other entrepreneurs following their dreams and creating opportunities for themselves and running with it. After all, that’s what success is about, and Dallas completed encompassed these three qualities of successful people we always talk about.
  4. In addition to Dallas and her businesses, I snagged a couple of her homemade soy candles and they smell amazing! 
    Change With Us Blog Friday Faves Tuff Peach Co

Happy Day, beauties! Let me know what your current favorites are in the comments below.

xo, L