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Valentine’s Day Photos + Our Couples Interview!


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OurValentinesDayPhotosI wanted to share an interview K and I did for another blogger. It was the first time we had done a “Couple’s Interview” and it was so fun to compare our answers afterwords. I am also sharing a spontaneous Valentine’s Day Shoot with our sweet friend, Rachel

First introduce yourselves:

Leanna: Hi there! I am Leanna Ranieri, the blogger behind www.leannaranieri.com. I am currently 22 years old. Kit and I met during our freshmen year of college–in the dorms! We were both 19 years old and just so happened to have a mutual friend who introduced us, as we were both going through difficult times in our long-distance relationship. I had recently noted Kit each day as he walked past my open dorm room with his golf bag in hand. One day, I decided to befriend this shy guy by walking into his dorm room (he lived at the other end of the hall) and started blabbing away for an hour. I am pretty sure he didn’t say one word the entire time I talked + he was utterly annoyed that I had interrupted his Netflix show. But there I was talking and an hour later I left him by saying if he ever wanted to hang out, I lived down the hall—and I left. (He totally doesn’t remember this night, but I do). Within the next couple of days, there he was standing at my door, asking to hang out and we spent the afternoon together until 2 am. Our relationship evolved as a really close friendship as we were in similar relationship situations and before we knew it, we became inseparable. Our other relationships slowly died off, but for the better. We remained friends, until one day we decided this was it. And from there, its history! Needless to say, almost 4 years later and we are engaged! 

Kit: Hello, my name is Kit Carson and I met Leanna freshman year in the dorms at University of Nevada, Reno. We both lived on the fourth floor of Argenta but we were on opposite ends of the hall so it took some time to cross paths. It is a funny story of how we met because it was kind of by accident I would argue. My roommate at the time was friends with Leanna and mentioned that I was having a hard time and that he was leaving for the weekend and asked her to keep me company (I know sounds pathetic, and I kind of was). She blew open the door and sat down and then started asking me questions. We talked all night and something special was created. I knew I could not go another day without seeing her and hanging out with her even if it was just to eat. We became inseparable. I would text her every morning and ask what we are doing today and then we would go off and have an adventure. The rest is speaks for itself! We are now engaged and happy is and understatement. OurValentinesDayPhotosWhat do you love most about each other?

Leanna: What is there not to love about him? I love how comforting, giving, and caring he is. He takes care of me in a way no other person does. Every day I come home to a wonderful home-cooked meal and he makes my lunch when I have a long day ahead of me. He is my best friend.

Kit: I love that we are best friends. I know its cliche to say that but it really makes our relationship. I cannot imagine spending my days with something else.

What annoys you most about each other?

Leanna: Okay, I guess there is something that bothers me, but I still love him for it, because that is what makes our relationship. I get so annoyed when I ask him to do something and a week later, I am still asking him to do it. I know I could just do it myself, but it is more of an expectation that he will do what he says he will do. (Now when he “promises” it always gets done!)

Kit: THE HOUSE. I am not a clean freak so when I think something is clean it usually is not at her standards. She will go in and do it all over again and I sit back and say “why did I even waste my time doing it!!!” OurValentinesDayPhotosWhat is your favorite activity to do together?

Leanna: We treat activities as adventures and every adventure is my favorite! From going to the grocery store or having a romantic date night, I always have the most amazing time. I especially love when we go on drives to anywhere and everywhere, just for FUN!

Kit: I love date nights! My favorite thing is to go out to dinner and a movie because it is our time to just hangout and not have to worry about anything else besides just being together. We have our deepest conversations over dinner and it can be anything from politics, the economy, or family situations.

What is something the other does that just melts your heart?

Leanna: When he takes my ring and gets down on one knee like he is proposing to me over and over again, like when we were in Italy. 

Kit: Her smile… When she gets into a goofy mood and giggles and then just smiles…. I. Melt. OurValentinesDayPhotosDo you have an OK-list (where you are free to hook up with X celebrity)?

Leanna: We don’t have one, but if we did, mine would be Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, or Ryan Gosling. His would definitely be Jennifer Love-Hewitt. 

Kit: We do not really have an OK-list, but if we did I know who would be on her list! Ryan Reynolds or Bradley Cooper for sure. Mine would be Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Do you remember your first fight?

Leanna: Nope! It seems like so long ago, it was probably over where to go eat, because I am extremely indecisive about those decisions. 

Kit: No, but I think it is because we are best friends so fighting tends to be a part of the relationship.

Did you ever break up? If yes, how did you get back together?

Leanna: We never broke up, however, we once had a very intense conversation about how our paths might be going different directions, where it seemed like we were on the verge of breaking up. But instead we worked it out, through laughter and tears, and we made it work. We ALWAYS make it work. This was almost 2 years ago.

Kit: No we never broke up. We had an intense period because we did not know what life was shaping to be and honestly I was afraid. After talking, I quickly realized that I could not take on the future without her.

Have you had any problems? If so, how did you overcome it?

Leanna: Like I said above, we ALWAYS work it out. We never go to bed upset, angry, or mad at each other. We make time for each other and if we ever have problems, we talk about it. We never hold it in. This took time, though. I use to hold problems in and it would hurt us more than help us. Now we talk more and it’s better than ever. 

Kit: I guess I answered this in the last question. We just talk about things when they get complicated and we, together, come up with a solution.  

How do you feel about your future together?

Leanna: I LOVE OUR FUTURE! We have so many exciting things planned and in-store for us and I cannot wait to see how the adventures continue to play out. We are so happy to get to spend forever together! 

Kit: Very positive. I cannot wait to get married and start our life adventure together. We are going to be extremely busy, but I look forward to taking on the world with her. OurValentinesDayPhotosWhat is your advice to other couples?

Leanna: Be open and honest and always tell each other how you feel. Never force something, never go to bed angry, and never say never. Things change, people change, plans change. You never know what will happen, but live each day to the best of your abilities. Love each other to the fullest and if the person you are with is not pushing you to the limits to become the best possible version of yourself, then they may not be right for you. Be with someone who encourages you, pushes you, and wants to see you both become successful. Never settle for less than that. 

Kit: Communication and friendship. You need to talk about feelings good and bad because letting them build is always going to end badly. And if you cannot be best friends then it is not the right relationship for you, and I say that because life is going to throw punches and your partner is going to be the one to catch you and fight with you through it all and it is much easier as friends. You have to really enjoy spending time together. 

What is your advice to single people who think they won’t find someone?

Leanna: Be patient. You must love yourself and be happy with who YOU are, before you can ever expect to love someone whole-heartedly. If you are not happy with yourself, how can you expect to love someone else if you do not love yourself? Timing is everything and if the timing is not right, it isn’t right. Don’t force it. I truly believe there is someone out there for everyone, you can fall in love with multiple people, but there will always be ONE person, who you will never fall out of love for. That one person, will push you to your limits and bring out the best in you. That one person for me is Kit. If you asked me 4 years ago, where I thought I would be right now, I would have told you married or engaged to someone else, maybe starting a family on the east coast, and going to medical school. Today, I am engaged to be married to Kit, graduating and NOT going to med school in May, and looking to purchase a house and start a family on the West Coast. Plans change and for me it is all because of my “someone”. You will find someone, I promise. 

Kit: That is absolutely the wrong way to think. I know plenty of good fellas out there that are looking for a woman or vise versa. I hate more than anything when girls tell me “Kit, how do I find a nice guy?” there are over 7 billion people in the world you will find one person to share life with just be yourself.  

There you have it, folks! Relationships are hard work, but why wouldn’t you work for something you love? Let the adventures begin! 

How was your Valentine’s Day?