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i’m going to C O L L E G E ?

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So I have decided that my first real post is going to be about…. COLLEGE! I will be attending UNR in the fall and I could not be more excited… I think it’s going to be different–VERY DIFFERENT. I am family oriented and in Reno, well, I’m just hoping I lllloooovvvveee my roomie. When I meet her I will post about her! Because the drive is so long and tickets are expensive, I think it will be difficult for me to come home often (excluding holiday visits, of course). So FaceTime and the use of technology will be my best friend. Also, my honey (whom I will post about soon) will be in Annapolis, Maryland. He is already attending the United States Naval Academy. It is super exciting and he is definitely keeping busy, but in the mean time I’m sitting here like “Gahh, when is college coming?” Anywhoo, I go up for orientation this week. I’m nervous and ecstatic at the same time. I have so many (freshman) questions, I’m sure of it. Besides orientation, I have been shopping and pinning ideas for my dorm room. 
P.S. If you are going to college like me, follow me on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/leannaalways/college-life/) I have lots of college stuff! 
Here are a few ideas that have bounced around in my head lately:

 I have OCD about organizing and decorating, so I am in LOVE with some of these ideas! The organizing containers, the string of lights (so adorbs), the photo line (photography is precious)–these are all wonderful! Hope you all love them to. Well, wish me luck that when I get my room assignment in a couple weeks that I have my own bathroom…community bathrooms are just not my thing. Until next time…