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Shadow Box for Beginners

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After making the Superman Silhouette, I decided to make a shadow box as well. This was my first shadow box and since then I have gotten a little more experienced with them as time went on. The first pictures are my first attempts. At the end I will post more recent shadow boxes I have done! This project is super easy. However ignore my pictures…they are not very good. 
-Shadow Box
-Scrapbooking paper
-Any decorating supplies you need (3D objects are best!)

1. Cut dimensions of scrapbooking paper to fit in Shadow Box.
2. I glued the scrabble letters and 3D objects down to paper but you can make this however you want. 
3. Place paper in Shadow Box and add a picture. 
4. Ta-da!

I will have to add the pictures of my shadow box I made with floating pearls…stay tuned!