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The LOVE in my life!

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Time to post about the love in my life. On November 1, 2009, I was given the opportunity to take a risk with an amazing, handsome young man, Austin Whitehead. After 10+ years of growing up together in the same community and going to the same schools, it was one of the weirdest relationships that could possibly evolve. Growing up, Austin and I shared similar interests. Although during this time we didn’t really realize it, it would  soon allow us to begin a great, long-lasting friendship. In elementary school and middle school, Austin and I were more of acquaintances; not yet on the friend level, but getting there. In eighth grade, however, is when a lot of this “soon-to-be thing” began.
 Austin was more of the quiet type; smart, shy, only had a few close friends, and kept to himself. Myself, on the other hand, was the loud, somewhat annoying girl that wanted lots of friends, but I just was not that kind of person. Austin and I and a few other kids use to carpool in the mornings to school. From the high school for our advanced classes to our middle school. I always tried to keep the friendliness in the car because I did not like tension. And Austin wasn’t the friendliest person to be around so on one hand I felt bad for him, but on the other I think I was starting to like him. I never said anything though. 
Freshmen year rolled around and I got close with Austin’s older sister. She was a role model to me and I loved hanging out with her. Plus, it gave me a chance to see Austin more (sometimes). Freshmen year Austin started dating a girl I didn’t approve of. I not only didn’t approve of her, but I was jealous of her. More jealous than the whole approval thing. When her and Austin started dating, Austin and I cut off all communication. I hated the person he was with her and he just couldn’t see it. Months passed and when they broke up, I was so happy yet sad. I definitely did not think I was Austin’s type plus I figured he did not like me. Summer came and went we began to talk more, we hung out more, and then it finally hit me. I was falling deeper and deeper and this guy had no idea! Sophomore year began and Austin and I hung out way more frequently. We went to a few parties together and I think the big day that hit it off was my Sweet 16 birthday. I invited him and he came and we just clicked. That night, my best friend at the time spent the night. I composed this long text message to Austin pouring out my feelings to him (mind you, I never intended to send this). My best friend on the other hand, kept telling me to send it to him and pushed send. I was so nervous. My phone buzzed–text message received. It was Austin. Short version, he said basically,thanks for letting him know and he didn’t really know what to say and that he wanted to end the night on a good note and so he said goodnight. JOY… what a huge let down. I made the worst mistake ever! We stopped speaking for a couple weeks (well he stopped talking to me). Then one day, he text me apologizing for that night. He was caught off guard and he was shocked because since he was little he said he had a  crush on me. When I text him, he didn’t know what to say because he never thought that I liked him or was interested in a guy like him. We talked and talked about everything. Then on November 1, 2009 we gave it a shot and took our friendship to the next level. Luckily for the me it was the best decision I made. This November will be our 3 year anniversary. It has been the best three years of my life. I could not have made it through without Austin by my side.
Unfortunately Austin left for the United States Naval Academy this past June. Right now he is in basic training and he can only communicate through letters and he gets a limit of three phone calls. This lasts until mid-August. Then he will be able to have most communication devices. It’s hard though, being in a long distance relationship. Especially over summer (known as Plebe Summer) because I was only able to spend a couple weeks with him before he had to leave. It sucks, horribly, but it is getting better and it gets better every day. Every day I am one day closer to seeing Austin. In August I am lucky enough to be able to visit him in Annapolis, Maryland. As a graduation present from him and his family, they are flying me up there. I am so excited and I couldn’t be more thankful. 
Here are some pictures from our crazy journey together:
Boston April 2010 on a small beach 
Boston April 2010
Junior Prom 2011 
Kirstie’s Wedding Dec. 2011
Hawaii April 2012 
U.S.S. Missouri Hawaii 2012
Austin’s last day June 2012
So this is my life. The love in my life that is. I can’t wait to see him again! Thanks for reading!