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University of Nevada… AAHHHOOOOO!

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So last week I went up to Reno, Nevada for my orientation to the University of Nevada. It was one of the best things about my summer. The atmosphere up in Reno is just amazing; not only do they have beautiful weather, but everyone there is so friendly. I am absolutely obsessed. Can I just move up there now??
Anyways we drove up there last Wednesday, talk about the 8 hour drive. It wasn’t as bad as people make it seem; but then again, I slept through 4 hours of the drive. I must have missed all of the boring desert and nothingness. What I was able to see was pretty good though–sketchy with a hint of little town in the middle of nowhere, cutesy. When we finally made it, that is when all the fun began. Downtown Reno is fun; it’s like a little bit of Vegas smushed onto a couple blocks. Did you know they have a Circus Circus? I didn’t- so it was completely weird seeing one there. The view is great by the way; in any hotel or car. 
Well on to orientation…I LOVED IT! You have your boring parts (different sessions about blah, blah, blah) and then you have the parts that make the entire trip worth while. Hearing about Greek Life, classes, Campus Escorts, Officer James, watching skits and hearing jokes every corner you turn. But I think undoubtedly the best thing about it were the people that I met. As I said before everyone there is so friendly, I don’t remember anyone that was plain rude. There may have been some snobs and a few tools, but who cares about them? I’m just living my life and I want to meet everyone that I can. And man oh man, I met some pretty great people. A few girls, couple of guys, and some friendships that are just beginning. Gosh, could my life get any better? Wait, I can answer that, it TOTALLY COULD!
My life gets better by:
-Getting to see Austin in 9 days!
-Bridesmaid Aug. 17 
-Moving to Reno Aug. 22
-Rushing for Greek Life
-Parties, Blue Crew, Wolfpack Life
-Remember those friendships that were just beginning?? [insert them here]
Anywhoo… I loved Orientation and Reno in general. Time to join the W O L F P A C K!  AHHHHOOOO!!! Well until next time love bugs… enjoy some photos!