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Week 2: 100 Happy Days

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**If you are new to 100 Happy Days, be sure to check out this post here**
Midterms this week have made this past week a crazy one. Long, stressful, and definitely anxiety filled. But what got me through the past two weeks was this mini-series. Each day, although full of stress, I took the time to enjoy each and every little thing that brought a smile to my face. 
Sorry I have been slacking a little bit, but here is my second week of the 100 Happy Days challenge.
Day 8 (3.1.14): After our crazy 5 hour drive on Day 7, Kit and I were ready for a fresh new day. Before surprising his dad for his 65th birthday, we went on a few adventures. As we were driving to go to Starbucks, this little guy was sitting in the middle of the road! So we flipped a U-y to save it and put it back where it would be safe! It was probably the cutest little thing we saw all day and it was awesome getting to be a part of its life. 

Day 9 (3.2.14): I always am constantly telling myself as well as those in my life to think positively and that good things will happen. Sometimes the negative thoughts bring sadness and more hurt to our lives and the only way to stop that is to have a positive attitude and outlook on life that things will get better. I stumbled upon this quote and thought it fit perfectly to life and happiness.

Day 10 (3.3.14): After enjoying Papa De’s (Kit’s father) birthday, I decided to stay in town for a bit as Kit was playing in a college golf tournament down in Sacramento. Lucky for me, I was able to get work off and stay to watch him! I didn’t realize how tough it is to have to walk 27 holes, let alone 36! My legs definitely got a workout, but it was so worth it to see him play for the first time.

Day 11 (3.4.14): Our car troubles were horrible, but hey looking ahead to brighter things and thinking positively a great thing came out of it! Kit got a BRAND NEW car! 2014 Chevy Traverse–perfection! She is definitely a beauty and Kit is so fortunate enough to have wonderful parents who bought a new car for him to use. So we said bye bye to Betsey (that ol’ truck) and we welcomed this pearly white, STELLA. She is a beaut.

Day 12 (3.5.14): I absolutely love this quote. Growing up and getting older, we all have many things to face in life. Whether it is changing mentally, physically, emotionally, or changing just in general we all have to realize that no matter what, it is going to happen. But what we can do is look towards progression. Progression in living a healthier lifestyle and being happy with the person we are. That is what makes life all worth while.

Day 13 (3.6.14): Today was definitely a GREAT day. In the midst of all the chaos going on, Kit and I figured we would start the morning off right. And boy, did that happen. We drove through Starbucks before class (the Keystone one, for you Reno peeps) and ordered our drinks. The barista taking our order, however, asked for us to repeat our order back to the barista once we got up to pay. A little confused, but willing we did just so. After getting up to the window and repeating the order, getting our drinks, and slowly waiting for them to say our total, the nice gentleman barista looked over and said “Congratulations, it’s your lucky day! Coffee is on us today, bye!” Kit and I looked at him shocked and thought it was just a joke, but the barista just waved at us smiling and we drove off. So thank you to the barista that made our day.

Day 14 (3.7.14): Every six weeks, I wait patiently for my Honest bundle to come in the mail. If you have not heard of the Honest Company I highly suggest for you to go check out this company here. Jessica Alba is the founder of this line of baby products, health and home products to better benefit her children and her family. All of the products safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and definitely affordable. As a college student on a budget, this is the one product that I don’t think I will ever live without. I will definitely be writing a follow up post all about the Honest Company within the next couple of months. So here is my most recent bundle along with a letter from my Nanny Jo and a sweet sign I saw while eating lunch.
Honestly, this challenge is awesome. I love being able to look back and realize what a great life I have and how many memories I have made that make me appreciate and enjoy life so much more.