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Why I Removed My Lash Extensions After Three Years

are lash extensions worth it

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I would like to think that I have a lot of experience with extensions. After pampering myself for over three years, I decided to take them off. I’ve gotten so many questions on social media and in person as to why I took them off, are they worth it, and the pros and cons.

Here is why I took off my lash extensions after three years, yep THREE.

Why I Love Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are a luxury. Let me say that again, lash extensions are a luxury. When I had them however, I felt like they were a necessity. Here’s why:

  • You don’t have to wear mascara – DUH!
  • You always feel like you have some part of your makeup done
  • You save time getting ready.

Time is money, so saving time felt like it was so worth it – plus, when you aren’t a morning person, not having to worry about rushing to put your mascara on evenly is not a problem. #ThankYouExtensions

are eyelash extensions worth it

Removing My Lash Extensions

When it came down to it, there were so many cons, that for me it was no longer worth the necessity side and became all about luxury. And that luxury came with costs.


Lash extensions are EXPENSIVE to maintain! Depending on how much you are willing to spend on a luxury service – this could make or break you investing.

I was spending over $1,680+ a year on lash extensions after the cost of my bi-monthly fill and tip. That doesn’t even include the initial cost of a lash extension set or any random last minute fills before an event. 

Time Commitment for Maintenance

Every two weeks I needed to invest 1.5 hours for my fills. Time to travel to/from my appointment, plus the time my eyes were closed. Which means I couldn’t multi-task for work.

That is a minimum of 36 hours a year, if it only takes you 15 minutes to drive to your appointment.


I had appointments scheduled out 2-3 months in advance to ensure my time slot was available. If I had to reschedule an appointment last minute or cancel due to last minute events, I was basically screwed.

Luckily, my lash artist was able to squeeze me in, switch someone around, or maybe had a cancellation. But that was anxiety I didn’t like having.

Negative Effects on Natural Lashes

I’ll go into this in a second, but the negative effects on my natural lashes were a HUGE factor for me to decide it was best for me to remove my lashes.

No Oils Allowed

When you have lash extensions, you are unable to use products that contain oil. Makeup removers, face oils, lotions, face cleansers, etc. 

Because I like trying out new beauty products, I stopped trying most of the above for a long time. I was VERY careful around my eyes. 

Oh and itchy eyes, forget it, you cannot rub them like you use to!

Will Lash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

Removing Lash Extensions

If applied properly, lash extensions will not damage your natural lashes. HOWEVER, here is my personal experience.

When I had lash extensions, if one got turned a weird way, I was bad. I slowly pulled on it to get it off. Unfortunately, that meant that once in a while a natural lash came with the fake one.

My natural lashes still grew with my extensions on. But I felt that they stunted their growth because of the glue and the weight. When I got them removed, professionally, my lashes felt nonexistent. 

In general, they felt more naked, which is normal! But mine were so short, I could barely even apply ANY mascara. It took me months to get my lashes to grow back and I am still working on that.

So did they damage my natural lashes, NO.

But they severely stunted the growth of my natural lashes and have taken me 6+ months to finally feel okay with them. But it is a choice I made when I decided to get them.

Lash Extensions – Are They Worth It?

I’ll say this again, I had my extensions for THREE years and I loved them! I think they are great for special occasions or vacations.

But I won’t be going back to extensions anytime soon.

If you have the time and money to invest into lash extensions, go for it! Lash extensions are an investment and for some people, they are 150% worth it. It is a personal preference.

Do what makes you happy and what sits right with you when it comes to your money.

Regrowing My Natural Lashes

Almost 1 year after removing eyelash extensions

While I hope to do a whole post on this soon a few things that I have used to regrow my natural lashes since I removed my lashes include:

Current Items My Lashes Love

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions I’ve received, so you can make an informed decision for your beauty wants and needs.

Do not remove your extensions yourself! Go see a lash professional! You do not want to risk losing or ruining your natural lashes.You wouldn’t want to remove acrylic nails on your own, would you?

Most professionals charge a small fee to remove them properly, but it is worth it.

Alternatively, you can choose to let all of the lashes fall out naturally. This could take up to 5 weeks and may look a little funky towards the end – but it is an option.

If the serum is oil-based, no. Unfortunately, any products with oil are a no-no for extensions. I tried one lash growth serum while I had extensions and it really didn’t make a difference.

The cost for a fill varies by location, experience, and time in between fills. I am in Nevada and had a Borboleta Certified Lash Artist. The prices at the lash boutique I went to for all three years is:

Classic Set

$55 | 2 week fill
$70 | 3 week fill

Hybrid Set

$60 | 2 week fill
$75 | 3 week fill

Russian Volume Set

$65 | 2 week fill
$90 | 3 week fill

The cost for a fill varies by location, experience, and the type of lash extensions you receive. I am in Nevada and had a Borboleta Certified Lash Artist. The prices at the lash boutique I went to for all three years is:

Classic Set | $165

Hybrid Set | $185

Russian Volume Set | $210

EXPERIENCE. I totally understand that everyone started somewhere, but my eyes are one thing I do not want to mess with. 

I wholeheartedly believe that you get what you pay for.

If you do choose to go to someone who is new to the lash world, ensure they have an experience artist overseeing the process. This ensures that everything is done properly. Plus, sometimes newer artists are lower in price due to them gaining experience, which means you can get a deal and great lashes from a lash spot that has experienced professionals providing quality work.

It was important to me that my lash artist was Borboleta Certified. There are many certifications out there, but Borboleta artists are credible, experienced, and go through intense training to be able to work on your precious eyes.

Plus, I am not a fan of the thin mink lashes and the Borboleta lashes are thicker.

While I no longer get my lashes done, I use to go to The Lash Den. Unfortunately, she has moved, but if you are in Houston, Texas, go see her!

Some local recommendations in Reno, Nevada are:



    August 5, 2019 / 11:54 am

    A few of my friends got lashes in the last few months and Jodi and I have been talking about doing it too, but I’m not going to Jodi is still thinking about it. Leanna your beautiful with or without them!!!

    • Leanna
      August 6, 2019 / 3:16 pm

      You have beautiful lashes and they are so long already! Don’t do it!