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Why You Should Attend at Least One Bridal Show During Your Engagement

Why You Should Attend at Least One Bridal Show During Your Engagement

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Bridal ShowsVendors, Gowns, Bouquets, and information galore! Bridal shows are some of my favorite things to attend. My first bridal show was back when I went with my cousin during her engagement. It was in Las Vegas…so yes — IT WAS HUGE! It was so much fun and I was able to get so many ideas for my future wedding, plus I was able to see how this whole idea of “wedding planning” really goes.

The prices, the gimicks, the free food, it is so much fun! At first it seemed overwhelming with so much information thrown at you, but hey its VEGAS! Then this past Sunday I had the opportunity to model Bridal Gowns for a local vendor Deja Vu Bridal. Okay, now I know you shouldn’t necessarily wear a bridal gown before you are married, let alone let the potential groom see you…but it happened. This bridal faire was so much more low key and intimate. Less than 60 vendors and out in Genoa, Nevada. I was so excited to attend, but I was definitely disappointment in the small amount of vendors, but we are in Northern Nevada, so it makes sense! 

Don’t worry I made sure that I wore two dresses that were very nice, but not necessarily the one for me. But to the main reasons as to why you should attend at least one bridal show during your engagement….

  1.  New Ideas + Exploration & Inspiration! Colors schemes, bouquets, invitations, photographers, videographers… why settle when you can find some amazing & NEW people.
  2. FREE FOOD… Not only do I love free food, but taste some of the food of your potential caterer? Plus they sell some yummy goods for you while you walk around.
  3. Fashion Show – Now not every bridal show has a fashion show. The one in Vegas had an awesome show that styled men, women, and children in wedding attire from the bride to the mother of the bride and everything in between. The one I was at this past weekend in Genoa, had no fashion show, but us models walked around in dresses all day + bride-to-be’s could try dresses on then and there.
  4. DISCOUNTS! Okay this is probably my favorite thing, but almost all of the vendors offer some type of discount on their services if you book on the day of the bridal show or during a short time period. It’s a win-win for the vendor and your bank account. 
  5. Networking – I met so many amazing people working at the event and browsing the event and although you may not use a particular vendor for your wedding there are so many other events in life that I will be using them for. 
  6. “I’m the Bride or Groom” bragging rights, but really we all need a day or so to feel special and know that this event is put on for people like YOU. The bride & groom. It is the one day you can talk about your engagement and wedding plans 100 times over and it is still socially acceptable.

Attending at least one bridal show is a must and it should be fun for the bride, groom, and her family and friends. Even if it is not your time…YET… it is a blast going to see everything!

Stay tuned for some tips next week on what to do once you get engaged! {HINT- this means creating a new email!}

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Have you been to a bridal show?