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Tuesday Travels: Airport Adventures

Tuesday Travels: Airport Adventures

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Tuesday Travels Airport AdventuresThis post was written 2 days ago and published today, sorry it is a day late! 

This morning, my Italy adventure begun. Anxious and nervous and excited at the same time, I have all of these emotions flowing through me. Today, a lot of firsts will happen for me. 

First time studying abroad
First time flying internationally 
First time leaving the country
First time using a passport
First time traveling to Italy 
First time being immersed in a culture completely
With all of these firsts, however, adventure awaits. Saying goodbye to K and talking on the phone to my family before leaving was difficult, but knowing that in six short weeks I will be back home, I know I can’t wait to tell everyone about my adventures. 
I’ve been traveling for a little over 5 hours, 2.5 of those were a layover in SFO. Not too bad, minus the fact that I wore white shorts and after my first flight it just so happened that Mother Nature would hit me and my sweet friend and roomie Morgan and I would have to scramble around the airport to find some shorts or leggings. Mission accomplished, she was a trooper! Thanks Mother Nature for allowing our adventure to begin in an airport!
Time to board SFO to Frankfurt, Germany! (Crossing my fingers that something good will be available to watch!) I was completely upset at the fact that the Women’s World Cup Final would be happening and I would miss seeing USA kick butt. Then, it happened, I turn on live tv and Lufthansa is streaming the World Cup Live! My day was completely made! 
There it is… THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HAS WON THE 2015 WOMENS WORLD CUP! If you did not watch the game, go now.. Seriously 7 goals in a World Cup final? Five of them from the USA? Three from Lloyd? This is literally the best day + I am on an airplane flying to Italy? What could be better? As I am silently cheering and screaming for the U.S. in my head, I want everyone on this plane to know we won! 
And just like that, my adventure is a wild one. Italy I’m coming for you! 

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  1. July 14, 2015 / 2:26 pm

    Look at your cute pineapple nails! I was in Italy in May and miss it terribly already – I hope you have the best time!