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Birthday Calendar 101

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My cousin is a proud 4th grade teacher and it is her second year. She loves being able to show how much she loves teaching through the little things in her classroom. This year she made her classroom into an ADVENTURE theme….talk about FAVORITE TEACHER EVER! We spent all summer coming up with various ideas to incorporate into her class and this is one that kept popping up over and over on Pinterest, so we decided to give it a shot on our own! 
Here is a Pinterest example of the idea. 
We wanted to make the colors fun as well as coordinating them to the Adventure theme so she could use it each year! Here is how we did it:
-wood slab (home depot for <$5)
-hooks into wood (12)
-wooden letters (CLASS BIRTHDAYS)
-sticker letters (months of year)
-wooden stars and circles (for names)
-s-shaped hooks from name to name
-hot glue
1. First, we were able to buy a long slab of wood at Home Depot. There, they cut it for us to our liking. They also were able to put the hooks in the wood for us. If your store won’t do it, all you need is a hammer and the hooks! Super easy. 

2. Paint wood with a few coats and let dry.

3.  Paint wooden letters, stars, and circles (you can use any shape you want)

4. Hot glue “Class Birthdays” to the wood. We also added some stars for decoration

5. Place sticker letters for the months across the hooks evenly and not only stick, but hot glue or it will come off the wood

6. Add names to tags (w/birthdate optional) and hang up. My cousin didn’t have her student list yet, so she had to wait until school started. 

Here is the finished product! It looked so great in her classroom!

My cousin’s class looked so great and it was by far the best classroom ever. Her kids loved it and I’m sure it was the talk of the school. I wish my teacher’s were as creative and enthusiastic about having a great learning environment for their students as she is.

Here is a sneak peek of the rest of her class room for all you teachers out there!

What themes have you done in your class? Any ideas or comments for future decorating? Please feel free to use these ideas and let us know how it turned out!