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Free Cookies + Ice Cream w/The Baked Bear

Free Cookies + Ice Cream w/The Baked Bear

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Today’s the day! Who’s up for FREE Ice Cream Sandwiches? The Baked Bear opens up its doors to the Reno/Sparks community and from 1-3, you can snag FREE Ice Cream Sandwiches as long as your in line by 3, sweet!

Last night, I had the opportunity to go to The Baked Bear for their pre-opening to meet the owners and to taste their yummy ice cream sandwiches, it was divine.

TheBakedBearRenoSparks (3)
One of the owners, Justin took some time to chat with us about The Baked Bear and what it brings to the Reno/Sparks community.

  • What made you decide to bring The Baked Bear to the Reno/Sparks community?
    It’s a unique concept that Reno doesn’t have. I try to find businesses that make people happy. Nothing beats ice cream and cookies together. The combination of those two seemed like the best best!
  • What’s the most exciting aspect of starting a small business?
    Seeing if the concept works, the research and background put into it to see if its the real deal.
  • What makes The Baked Bear stand out?
    Baked from scratch daily.
    13 Crafted Ice Creams, no one else can get.
  • What is your favorite sandwich combo?
    1 brownie, 1 scoop of bear batter, and hot fudge. [YUM!]

TheBakedBear-4 TheBakedBearRenoSparksTheBakedBearRenoSparks (1) TheBakedBear-14

Cookies baked from scratch daily? 13 handcrafted ice creams? You could say it was a sugar rush for all of us. The two ice cream sandwiches pictured above are two chocolate chip cookies with cookie dough ice cream + brownie bit toppings & two brownies with cookie dough ice cream. Oh did I mention you can get an ice cream sandwich made with donuts? YES. OH YES, you donut lovers. Be sure to stop by today to grab your free sandwich

xo, L