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Letters to the Bride

Letters to the Bride

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Letters to the BrideThe week before my cousins wedding day, I knew I wanted to do something special. Something that would mean the world to her and that she could open on her wedding day. I wanted it to be something to start the day off great.

I browsed Pinterest for hours on end trying to come up with an idea for a morning of the wedding gift, when I stumbled on this idea to have close family and the bridal party write letters to the bride. It was genius! 

A lot of people did scrapbooks, but I wanted this to be more personal. So I asked her parents, brother, bridal party, grooms parents, grandparents, and husband-to-be to write a heartfelt letter for her to open the morning of her wedding. With the letter, I asked them to include a photo or two for the bride to have as a memory. 

Not only did I want her to wake up thinking this was the day she would get married, but also the day she could read these letters and know how much she was loved. 

Needless to say…SHE LOVED IT! My letters to the bride was a success! All of the materials were purchased from Michael’s and the pseudo-calligraphy + crafting was by me. 

The letters were sorted in a gradually manner to those closest to her, with her husband-to-be’s letter last to read. 

IMG_9266 IMG_9270 IMG_9274Have you ever had or gifted a morning of the wedding gift to a bride?