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My Fourth of July Adventure

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Each year, my family hosts an annual Fourth of July party–whether it be at my cousins or aunts house. This year we had it at my cousins and everyone always brings a little something to contribute to the soiree (swä-ˈrā). After posting all of those delicious ideas on my last post, my cousin and I decided to give one of them a try. The one that we chose to make was the Patriotic Fruit Flag and boy did we enjoy making it together!

It was so cute and I loved making it as well as eating it! On my Fourth of July Food Frenzy Post, I kind put together my own preparation for this dish. Here is a modified version of the recipe that we used:

1. Skewers (we got them at the local grocery)
2. Strawberries (Costco)
3. Blueberries (Costco)
4. Bananas (Grocery)
5. Platter (to create look, already had)
1. First gather all of your materials. 
2. Wash the blueberries and strawberries. The blueberries stay whole, the strawberries need to have the stem cut off as well as cut symmetrically in half, and the bananas need to be cut a little bit thicker than you normally would as seen in the picture above. (USE A CLEAN KNIFE BETWEEN BANANAS AND STRAWBERRIES, so the bananas don’t get stained red)
3. We used 11 skewers, but you can use as many as you need to fill your platter. 5 skewers contained blueberries on half. 
4. To do this assemble a strawberry-banana-strawberry-… pattern on the stick and then add blueberries. After 5 skewers or so just use strawberries and blueberries. Make sure your strawberries on each skewer line up and are all facing the same way. **I’ve seen people do both ways and it makes it look sloppy
5. Continue this process until your platter is filled and enjoy.

**To go with the fruit flag, we whipped up some yummy Fruit Dip using Marshmallow Creme and Cream Cheese. Can you say “DELICIOUS” ???

In addition to our Patriotic Fruit Flag, other family members made some dishes to go along with the appetizers. 

*Pictured Above*
Crackers & Assorted Cheese and Hors d’oeuvres
Patriotic Fruit Flag
Caramelized Bacon (SO GOOD!)
Bread and Blended Pesto/Spices

Homemade Salsa with Tortilla Chips
Lastly, we had some yummy desserts followed by watching the fireworks outside as well as on television. 

Red, White, and Blue Cupcakes
Better than Sex Cake

How was your Fourth of July? Did you make any delicious dishes??