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Raw Untold Truths & The Pursuit of Happiness

Raw Untold Truths & The Pursuit of Happiness

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Hi there! I’m Kit Carson the other half of the magnificent Leanna Ranieri. We have decided to create this section to discuss those Raw Untold Truths about life and the pursuit of happiness. The best way to describe what you are about to read is a bundle of hard truths and how to deal with them, several golf references because there is so much to learn from the game of golf, politics, and business. It sounds like a hot mess, but I promise you, it will be entertaining.

More on me…

I grew up on a ranch in rural California where we raised anything from pigs, cattle, corn, and alfalfa. My parents started a small business called Carson’s Coatings in our town and when I was 5, gave me my first love, the game of golf. I know it sounds strange, but golf became my life! I lived on the driving range for most of my childhood. When the recession hit, my parents company tanked. We lost almost everything. In an effort to help out, I started a little network marketing company with my mom where I would sell fruit juice on the driving range to strangers. We built a little cash flow business that made $1,000 a week which funded some golf tournaments for me. Sales has always been something that has come easy to me. For whatever reason I had this fearless ability to talk to anyone that would look my direction and by the time they left the driving range they knew me, my product, and how to reach me when they wanted more. 

I went on to play college golf at the University of Nevada, Reno where I graduated early as an Academic All-American in Political Science and Economics. I was impressed with myself, until real life hit after school….  

We will cross those bridges when we get there. I currently am a Lobbyist in Nevada and love everything about politics and business.

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Now what?

This blog is going to be a place where I talk about life, business, golf, some politics and the obstacles with each one. I want this to be a place where we get down in the weeds of life because the only way to truly grow, is to struggle and push boundaries. Let’s be DIFFERENT. Let’s be REAL.