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How to Stay Sun Safe: Are you using the right sun care products?

How to Stay Sun Safe: Are you using the right sun care products?

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Update: SwimZip is available on Amazon + I am in love with this beach blanket!

With the summer months upon us and vacations rolling around, we are so quick to forget sunscreen when we run outside to play or just to run our daily lives. I’ve quickly learned how important it is to care for your skin by protecting it from the sun. Do I love a great tan? Of course, but I also need to protect my skin for years to come, for my sake, my husbands sake, and eventually my kids. 

I am one to easily skip the sunscreen, SPF 30, who cares?! I should. 

A couple months back, I read such a good article on a Guide to Sunscreens: Finding the One that’s right for you. I also read about some of the best AND worst sunscreens you could be using on yourself and your family. The most shocking part, the worst are the ones being sold the most at our local stores! I made sure we stocked up on some of our favorites like Aveeno and Cerave to make sure we were prepared, but even more so, I looked into the clothing we were wearing! I found the perfect dress, coverup, daily outfit that I have been sporting everywhere lately! It is cute, chic, and the best part: it is UPF 50+! SwimZip by Betsy Johnson, has some of the cutest coverups, suits, and towels + they are made with lots of love. I loved being able to not only support this business (who was seen on Shark Tank, YES, Shark Tank, one of my fave shows), but also to connect with someone passionate about people and what they do. SwimZip will be keeping myself, my family, and future kids safe for a long time.

SwimZip is the UPF 50+ clothing brand people trust to keep themselves and their children sun safe. We feature our signature full zipper down the front of our rash guard shirts – they are soooo easy to put on and take off! Our swimsuits, swimwear, bathing suits and accessories are made with the best materials to our unmatched standards. SwimZip styles are one-of-a-kind, and we include a number of innovative design features. Others have tried to copy our ideas, but our unparalleled devotion and innovation leads to the highest quality products that simply cannot be beat.

What do you use to keep your family sun safe? 

xo, Leanna 

// Dress Cover Up c/o SwimZip