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Superman Silhouette

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Some of my favorite crafts start with a canvas and an idea. I love the simplistic ideas of using a canvas because there are so many opportunities to make something completely different from the same base. Most of my tutorials deal with plain canvas’, however, I decided to try a wood canvas this time. 
Wood canvas’ are very rare to see but when Pinterest inspires you, HECK, you just have to try it. So for my boyfriend’s birthday back in September I decided to try out just how much I would like this woody idea.
You see, Superman is his HERO, I mean it is HIS thing and he absolutely loves everything about SUPERMAN! So I decided to make a silhouette of Superman for him to hang up in his room. It was one of the easiest crafts I have done, but it seriously looked like a million bucks! 
-wood canvas (I picked a standard square, but you could do anything)
-duck tape sheet (color does not matter)
-printout of image you want for silhouette

1. Printout your desired silhouette image. Once printed, cut image out. 

2. Transfer printed image to the duck tape paper, by outlining the image onto the duck tape paper and then cutting it out (as you can see I have a superman image).
3. Clear canvas of wood debris and place duck tape cut out on to canvas. Be careful to smooth out paper so no edges are up (we don’t want paint to get on the silhouette)

4. Once the duck tape is on TIGHTLY, paint over and around the tape to cover the canvas. LET DRY!

5. Once the paint is dry, use tweezers to SLOWLY lift up the duck tape. 

6. There you have it, your finished SILHOUETTE! I added the Superman Crest to make it more lively. 

So there you have it a wood canvas silhouette. For more great ideas visit my Tutorials link at the top of the page and don’t forget to follow my on Bloglovin’ or by email!