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The Sprouted Kitchen: Bowl + Spoon Review

The Sprouted Kitchen: Bowl + Spoon Review

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Blogging for Books ReviewAs a senior in college, I have one more year to rely on our sorority chef and affordable eats in Midtown Reno to keep me satisfied in the foodie arena. Although, I love being able not to cook and I love being a foodie and trying out new food around town, I think it is crucial for me to learn how to cook different types of foods— most with healthier options for myself and eventually my family.

The best things about cookbooks are the photographs. I would never–and I mean NEVER– purchase a cookbook without them. When a cookbook has a photo with the recipe, it makes me want to make it even more knowing what it should look like in the end! As much as I love recipes online, the best feeling is knowing your creating a meal straight out of the book in front of you.

The Sprouted KitchenI was so excited to get this cookbook in the mail (a big thanks to Blogging for Books) because I am ready to grow my cookbook collection and expand my knowledge. I wanted to try out some healthier eating options to try at home.

The Sprouted Kitchen: Bowl + Spoon was my first choice because the idea that any of these dishes could be put in a bowl and whipped up quickly really intrigued me. I am constantly searching for quick and healthy recipes and this book had that for me.

One of my favorite snacks/appetizers in this recipe collection is the Spiced Sweet Potato Chips and Créme Fraiche Dip. I love my chips and dip and this healthy sweet potato chip option is perfect for all of my cravings! When I do not have time to make the chips I just whip up the dip and eat it with whatever I have around the house (sometimes I’ll even enjoy it by itself!).

I would definitely recommend this book to any of you foodies out there (4 out of 5 stars) as I love Sara’s use of wholesome and read ingredients and a path to a more healthier lifestyle. 

Have you tried out any recipes from The Sprouted Kitchen?

What are your favorite cookbooks?

• Cookbook c/o Blogging for Books. As always all contents and opinions are honest & my own. Thanks so much for reading + supporting my sweet family •