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Time for a little DIY

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Lately, I have been a sucker for the DIY ideas and such. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to do many, but I will get around to it. Some of the ones that I really like are easy (and inexpensive) DIY’s for those in your life. I’m one who loves giving to others and a lot of these ideas inspire me to make someone else’s day. Plus, these are great ideas if your looking for a little adventure in your life. For friends, family, your main squeeze, or someone you don’t even know; these DIY’s are sure to be a hit. 
Blessing Bag: This is a great idea that you can keep in your car to give to the homeless. Most of the items in here you can buy in bulk or buy for a great price. You can also make the baggie a gallon size or a quart size (it doesn’t have to be huge!). I know we are all on a budget and money doesn’t grow on trees–at least not for me; but you can make bags like this for under $10. I think these are awesome, because you know that you are making a difference instead of just giving them a couple dollars (and not knowing what they are doing with that money). You are satisfied with yourself and your good deed. Some items that can be thrown in are:
-Mini deodorant
-Bar Soap/ Shampoo & Conditioner
-Fruit cups/Applesauce
-Granola Bars
-Crackers/Bag of Chips
-Candy Bar
-Juice Box
Make a difference in someone’s life…

Date Night in a Jar: For many of us couples out there-married or not- deciding on what to do for the day/night sometimes seems like a nightmare. For me, its my indecisiveness like Jennifer which is who I got this idea from along with Pinterest ideas. This is a great idea because there are options on a budget and options where you can splurge for your loved one. Start out with a mason jar (you can buy these almost anywhere or recycle one from your kitchen). You will also need some popsicle sticks (found at your local craft store), 3-4 different colored paints (spray paint was used on Jennifer’s but regular paint will do), and a sharpie to write with. Also A tag was added on the outside decoration to explain what each color stick meant. 

Red sticks are more expensive dates and planning is required. Light pink sticks are less expensive dates that don’t require much planning. Dark pink sticks are stay at home dates, no planning really required. And Jennifer used white sticks as fillers. If you would like to see some date night ideas she used you can click on this link here. Also, feel free to comment and let me know some ideas that you have! This DIY is inexpensive and is so simple, I’m sure it doesn’t take too long. 
P.S. This jar idea could also be used for children as an “I’M BORED” jar. Same concept for kids but include things like “fold some clothes”, “do the dishes”, “read a book”, or “playdate”. Let me know of your adventures with doing this DIY. 

Seven Days of Love: I think surprises are fun to get and fun to give. This is a little surprise for every day of the week! For the love in your life, a child, a relative, anyone really– this is such a cute, easy, and fun idea for someone. You can give it to a loved one who is going away for a week (or even a month!). All you need is a pill box, candy/treat for each box, and a little note (you can print out the Seven Days of Love from The Dating Divas here or make your own, which I prefer). Each day put a note and a couple candies and once each day is filled, give it to your loved one so they will always have a little something to keep them going each day. 
Some other alternatives are putting a Hershey’s kiss in each day with a note and before your loved one goes to bed, they can get a goodnight kiss from the one they love. Cute and simple, I think I will do this for my honey. 
Box of Sunshine: This is a great way to brighten someones day. Make it yellow and bright! All you have to do is fill a box with items that are yellow and cut out some suns and put them in the box. If it were me, I would add yellow:
-Candy (lemonheads, gummy bears, gum, starbursts)
-Flavor packets (lemonade)
-Chapstick (carmex or another brand)
-Nail Polish
-Body Wash
^^these 3 items could begin a beauty box of sunshine^^
-Knick Knacks 
-Quotes (“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine” song, or quotes with sunshine/brightening someones day)
There are so many ideas for this one that it is endless. If you would like to see the original post from Happy Money Saver click here. Brighten someones day this week, next week, and every day!

All of these DIY ideas were found on Pinterest. To see other ideas follow me (http://pinterest.com/leannaalways/). Let me know how your DIY’s turn out, I would love to know!. I’ll keep you updated on how these turn out when I do them! Happy DIY-ing!