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My Flocked Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree

This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase through the links at no additional cost to you.

I am finally sharing my flocked Christmas tree decorations after years of sharing. This year, we purchase a few new items – like our tree and some ornaments, so I figured it would be the best time to share.

Every year, I get so excited to start decorating for Christmas. I actually love to decoration for all of the holidays during the fall season – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

But there is something about the twinkling lights, glow of the fireplace, and all of the memories made during the holidays that I absolutely cherish. Driving down my street and seeing our Christmas lights up and our Christmas Tree lit up through the window, is always so fun.

Our Christmas Tree Story

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve probably seen our tree over the years! When we lived in a really small place, we had this skinny little tree that was so cute, but would not be cute in any other setting. HAHA.

Then, we graduated to a larger tree at our new home. At the time I REALLY wanted a flocked tree, but with purchase a new house and all of the other expenses that occurred, we were on a budget. So we didn’t end up flocking.

A year later, I thought it was a brilliant idea to DIY the flock using a flocking spray. While it was pretty easy to do, I wasn’t able to get the fully flocked look I wanted.

Our Flocked Tree

Two years later, here we are and we decided to purchase a new tree that was PRE-FLOCKED. I searched high and low to find a tree that was gorgeously flocked, had at least 450 lights, and was 7.5ft tall. The biggest dealbreaker – PRICE.

The tree I had been eyeing was almost $500. After contacting the company to partner, I realized that this company that so many other bloggers advertise and love did NOT share my values.

They take advantage of hard-working bloggers, put contracts in place that are not mutually beneficial, and to be honest just did not settle right with me. So I proudly declined their invitation to partner.

The tree I ended up purchasing with my hard-owned money is:

  • Under $350
  • On SALE for under $200
  • Pre-flocked
  • Low to the ground (I don’t like the ones that are lifted so high up)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Did I mention affordable?

You can purchase the flocked Christmas tree in multiple heights – 4.5 ft, 6 ft, 7.5 ft, 9 ft.

Flocked Christmas Tree Decorations

Flocked Christmas Tree Decorations

I like to keep my Christmas tree decorations pretty simple. While I love the look of the trees you see with an ornament or filler on every branch, I always prefer my trees to be simple. Let the flock shine!

I actually have had the same decorations for the last 5 years and have either added items or removed items depending on how I am feeling. This year, because we upgraded the size of our tree, I needed new ornaments.

Christmas Tree Color Palette

As much as I think the overly flanneled tree decorations, black and pink, or teal decorations are cute, I prefer to keep it classic and timeless. I like to do this for a few reasons – I am not spending money each year for new colors, classic colors last in any home we live in, and it just makes everything in my home flow. I usually stick with the following colors:

  • Gold/Gold Glitter
  • Champagne
  • Silver
  • White/White Glitter

I then add in some stems and picks. I don’t like to purchase a tree with pine cones on it, so instead I add some pine cone picks.

Click through any of the items below to easily shop any of my flocked Christmas tree decorations.

Staying Within a Budget

The holiday season seems like it’s a time where we continually spend, spend, spend. The little items add up. So I like to put myself on a tight budget for most of my purchases.

Whether you have the money to spend or not, I am all about being conscious of what I do spend and how long it has taken me to “earn” that money.

As I noted, I have purchased most of my home decor over the years – during sales or with coupons. My approximate budget with my Christmas tree decorations currently is:

  • Tree – $200
  • Skirt – $20
  • Ornaments – $30
  • Picks/Sprays – $15
  • Tree Topper – $5

I am all in around $275, give or take. I would say that is a steal for items I will use for years to come! Additionally, each year I sell all of the decorations I will no longer be using to put money back into my pocket.

Christmas Tree Decorating

Do you prefer flocked or non-flocked Christmas trees and how do you like to decorate them?