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Week 1: 100 Happy Days

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**If you are new to 100 Happy Days, be sure to check out this post here**
Did anyone register themselves into the 100 Happy Days challenge? If so, how did your first week go? Well, for me, it was a bit challenging! Not that I didn’t have any happy moments in the day, but boy was it a challenge to remember to snap a few pictures of each cherished moment! I was so wrapped up in what I was doing that I definitely had to think twice about remembering to take pictures along the way.
Anyways, I was able to capture some awesome moments throughout this past week and I am very excited to share them with all of you! 

Day 1 (2.22.14): Kit just got back from Hawaii, he had a golf tournament and was fortunate enough to stay in Lihue, HI for a week! Talk about being jealous! When he got back, however, I just could not wait to spend some time with him. In his new neighborhood, there are lots of small streets and each house looks completely different so we decided to take a little walk around. I absolutely adore his neighborhood and enjoyed walking around it.

Day 2 (2.23.14): At Nevada, Greek life is a really big part of the college experience. Each year the Panhellenic Council, the Interfraternity Council, and the Multi-Cultural Council host an “All Greek Ball” that includes awards to chapters for various things throughout the past year. It is formal and dinner is included (yum!). This year our chapter (Theta Theta Chapter of Delta Delta Delta) was fortunate enough to win several awards. This included Academic Excellence, Most Improved Chapter, Most Philanthropic Chapter, and Most Valuable Player (congrats Rachel McCracken!). It was a fun night with friends and more importantly sisters!

Day 3 (2.24.14): Not only is 24 my favorite number but on the 24th, two of my favorite birthday’s came around. My big (in a sorority, a “big” is usually an older member who guides, listens, and is there for you) turned 21! Yes, she is finally legal! She is one of the many who inspired me to join Tri Delta and to “develop a stronger more womanly character”. It was also my crescent (first relationship with a new member)/ niece pearls birthday. They are both two cute and inspire me to be a better person each and every day.

Day 4 (2.25.14): For the last several months, I have contemplated officially purchasing a domain name and redesigning my entire blog into an efficient,working, and money-earning website. I finally purchased a domain name (www.simplyadventurous.com–> which is what this blog is redirected to, for now). I am currently in the process of redesigning, finding a host, and revamping my website to be better than ever. This was a sneak peak of a new design. Oh and yay for Girl Scout Cookie Season and The Following while I edited my site. 

Day 5 (2.26.14): The first tulip blooming of the season! We have been waiting for these babies to start blooming since Kit moved in. I couldn’t have even imagined how beautiful they would look until they bloomed this day. It was so exciting to see the vibrant color that came from once was a little stem.

Day 6 (2.27.14): ELECTION TIME! The campaigning has begun. If you are a Nevada student, be sure to stop and take a second to appreciate all of the hard work each and every one of the candidates for presidency, senate, and all of the other offices have put into their signs, events, and willingness to make our community better. A fellow sister, Desirae, is running for an office and I stopped by to show her some love in having the courage and bravery to run for such a highly respected position.

Day 7 (2.28.14): Oh boy, what a night this was. On our drive home for the weekend to Sacramento (Kit’s dad had a 65th SURPRISE birthday party), we were hit with the inevitable! From Reno to Sacramento we had to drive through Truckee (including Donner Pass) through the rough and rigid snow. Well, needless to say, four wheel drive does not keep you from anything. We drifted in the snow and after we managed to get out of it, we stopped for Starbucks and headed back out on the road. Not even a mile later and a tire blow out. WOO… our two and a half hour drive turned into five hours. At least we had our signature Starbucks drinks. 

How is the mini series challenge treating you? Stay tuned for an update on my 100 Happy Days in a week. Happy thoughts!