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via #100happydays

Within the last week, there has been all this buzz about #100happydays. If you have not yet heard of it, head on over to 100 Happy Days to see the exciting details of this ongoing challenge. To cut to the chase, #100happydays is all about finding and making time in our very busy lives to cherish and embrace the small AND big things that occur in our every day lives. Whether it is waking up to a hot cup of coffee or a big promotion, it is about appreciating that moment and remembering what made you happy. 
I found it intriguing that 71% of people that attempted this challenged failed to complete it because of the lack of time in their lives. 
I have decided to make #100happydays a mini series on my blog to encourage others to find time in their day to just appreciate the moment. That moment of silence, laughter, joy, embarrassment, relaxation, or chaos. Each day, I will be posting a moment that made me happy and I encourage you all to do it as well. It doesn’t need to be made public, however it is something you can hold yourself accountable for and in the end, hopefully we can both appreciate life and the little things more.
Why do this? [Well here is a peek at what the creators of #100happydays came up with]
via #100happydays

To keep up with my #100happydays challenge be sure to check back here frequently and/or follow me on Instagram (@leannaalways) and be sure to search for the hashtag #simplyadventurous. I will be posting each day on Instagram, however, posts will be updated 1-2 times a week.
start date: 2.22.14
end date: 6.2.14
are you UP for the challenge??