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Week 3: 100 Happy Days

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**If you are new to 100 Happy Days, be sure to check out this post here**
Midterms are finally over! Yay! With one of the craziest weeks of the semester gone, here is to a brighter outlook on life and to see what the future holds. I have been so excited that Spring Break is finally here and that means a flight back to Vegas along with some warm weather, shorts, and tank tops. It is definitely my cup of iced tea.
But with the warmer weather making its way to me, I have so much to look forward to and not enough pictures to illustrate to you how great my life is even with all of the craziness! 
The 100 Happy Days Mini-Series has been extremely great to me. With so much to be happy about in so little time, I only get to share a few pictures with ya’ll.
Here is to the 3rd week of 100HappyDays challenge:
Day 15 (3.8.14): If you haven’t caught on by now, I am a sucker when it comes to good, heart healthy, positive, romantic, and just full of joy quotes. So when I come across one, my first instinct is “Oh my gosh, this is totally my life” and the second thing that pops in my head is “I want the world to see this”. Well one thing leads to another and after debating for a good half an hour of which quote to post, I stuck with this one. 
“When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try and treat the world better than it treated you.” {Patrick Stump}
Day 16 (3.9.14): After getting to watch him play in a golf tournament last week, I was pretty sad that I was not able to make it to his next one in Fresno, but I wanted to wish him luck as he played in another tournament… Finishing in the Top 30 is great! Glad he was able to go out and do the thing he loves most, GOLF. 
Day 17 (3.10.14): Being in a sorority, we pride ourselves in not only holding ourselves up to a high standard, but also holding each other accountable and being there for each of our sisters. With the highest sorority GPA and a successful library night study social with the gentlemen of SAE, our chapter won Chapter of the Week. So glad I am able to be a part of these ladies lives. 
Day 18: (3.11.14): My grand-big (like your grandma) turned 22! I was lucky enough to go out to dinner with this precious gem…can you say SUSHI? I love me some sushi, but I more so love her! I can’t believe she will be graduating and starting a new chapter in her life. I am going to miss her so much! 
Day 19 (3.12.14): I do not know what is better–getting to see this blue-eyed blondie or going on a late night adventure to Raising Canes? How about both! Taking a break from some hectic midterm studying to eat a little dinner with this stud muffin. He made my day–oh and so did that yummy tea in the cup over there. Canes CRAZE!
Day 20 (3.13.14): Looking back at all of the things that have contributed to who I am today, here is to my big, Tasha, for always supporting me and more importantly to the Theta Theta chapter of Delta Delta Delta, for accepting me for who I am and what I stand for. Getting a bid for this amazing house has definitely been one of the best days of my life. 
Day 21 (3.14.14): This has probably been one of the best starts of Spring Break, yet. Kit’s family knows someone who was able to get us FREE tickets to the Lady Antebellum Concert. And you know, FREE is FREE, I would have been fine with any seats, but the seats we were able to score were amazing. A few rows away from the stage. Close enough to touch the bands, yet far enough away so I did not get run over. I absolutely loved the openers, Kacey Musgraves and Kip Moore, and even more so Lady A. I think the best part was standing on the chairs the entire time and having each member in Lady A, sing directly towards me! Talk about a perfect night.