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Week 4: 100 Happy Days

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**If you are new to 100 Happy Days, be sure to check out this post here**

Spring Break has been a blast! I can’t believe it is over, but I guess all good things come to an end and when one door closes another one opens. So back to school, back to work and back to a busy life. I have some very exciting things coming up within the next few months and I am excited to share them with all of you. 
Here is an update of my fourth week doing the 100 Happy Days Mini Series Challenge:
Day 22 (3.15.14): I seriously am so lucky, not only do I have the best boyfriend, but the best boyfriend bought me new running shoes! I have been wanting to start living a healthier lifestyle and what better motivation then some new Nike Free Fit 5.0. Love it and love him. 
Day 23 (3.16.14): I think the best part about going home (besides the food), is definitely getting to see my amazing family. The three most important women in my life–my grandma, my aunt, and my cousin. My first stop in Vegas, was to spend a wonderful afternoon with them and eat lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Absolutely always enjoy spending time with them.
Day 24 (3.17.14): What is St. Patrick’s day without some corn beef and cabbage? This was a first for me, I usually don’t eat this kind of food, but my aunt made it for the holiday and I, of course, HAD to try it. The VERDICT: Pretty good I have to say. Not necessarily my first choice, but I would eat it again. By the way, you can’t see the full cup, but it is the most adorable Anthropologie Cup that the dish is in. 
Day 25 (3.18.14): Recently, our big family has expanded even more! My dad’s girlfriend, Sherre, and her children have joined us and although it can get hectic at times, we were able to enjoy a night out. Good food (pizza), fun bowling, and some lovely company. It was nice to get out and spend time with my dad.
Day 26 (3.19.14): WHY HAVEN’T I HEARD OF THIS BEFORE????? Oh yeah, it is new to Las Vegas! Blue Bell Ice Cream is literally delicious and talk about their abundance of flavors–so many to choose from! If you haven’t heard of it, check out their website here. I didn’t realize how much they have to offer until I checked out their site! And guess what the ice cream comes in a FULL 1/2 GALLON TUB! I can’t wait until Blue Bell starts distributing more of their products. 
Day 27 (3.20.14): One of my favorite stops in Vegas every time I visit is to one of my favorites, Hot N Juicy Crawfish. It is one of my favorite restaurants to eat at; shrimp, crab, crawfish, lots of spice and everything nice. My aunt took me here for dinner one night and I LOVED IT. Hot N Juicy will definitely give you a great tasting meal before…but beware of the garlic-y aftertaste! 
Day 28 (3.21.14): Last day in Vegas means complete and 100% family time all day long. I was able to spend the day with my best friend and one of my biggest role models, my grandma (Nanny Jo). Then for dinner, the fam got together (the completely dysfunctional Italian fam that is) and enjoyed some yummy dishes over at Carmine’s Pizza Kitchen. Ending the night with a trip to Golden Spoon and some family bonding… I would say it was a great night!
I can’t believe I am almost 30 days in to the 100 Happy Days Challenge. It has really made me enjoy things so much more and I love being able to go back through and see each and every moment I have captured.